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The System That Save Time & Money

Support Multi Location

Some of the booking systems only cater for one business location, that will limit booking service capabilities when a business has multiple branches. With supporting multiple business locations in mind, GoBooking booking and reminder system makes business expending to multiple branches easily without changing the booking system.


Support Multiple Services

GoBooking booking and Reminder system are designed with the flexibility to adapt to many different service industries. Whether it is a spa or a salon, or a clinic, or a motor service center, GoBooking and Reminder system can handle the booking and reminder for the business.

Smart Scheduling

With the build-in smart and dynamic scheduling algorithm, Gobooking booking and reminder system check the service available slot automatically, based on working days, break time, busy time, previous bookings, service capacity and comes out the available slot. That helps businesses to optimism the resource utilization without overbooking.


Multiple Reminders

GoBooking booking and Reminder system support both SMS and Email reminders, it can send multiple reminders to customers, providers as well as brunch admin at a predefined schedule that will greatly reduce the appointment no-show.

Multiple Portals

GoBooking Booking and Reminder system come with 3 portals:

1. Admin Portal
2. Provider Portal
3. Customer Portal

Dashboard and Calendar View

Through the Dashboard view and calendar view, a business can have a clear picture of their activities and easy to schedule their resource to cater to the demand.

Link to Mobile Number

All bookings and appointments are linked to the customer mobile phone. That makes communication with the customer much easier and effective.

Personalised Booking Page

Business can customize the booking page with their logo, location image, and service image, that will make the customer booking experience more friendly.

Mobile Friendly

GoBooking is mobile friendly. Staff and clients can access their GoBooking account from the ease of their smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

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